Why Is Video Syndication So Important For SEO?


The basic concept behind video syndication is to actually take one video and be able to disseminate it across multipleWhy Is Video Syndication So Important For SEO video channels. From a branding perspective, the pros of integrating video syndication for search engine optimization are crystal clear. The more places your branded content appears, the more likely the odds that visitors and surfers will be watching your content. This improves your exposure to a brand impression and, in short, brings your video to the targeted traffic rather than expecting the traffic to come to you.

The process of video syndication offers a myriad of benefits for search engine optimization that most online marketers and site developers may not be aware of or undermine during their ventures. Though the benefits of video syndication are not that detailed, there is sufficient proof to conclude that syndicated dissemination of a video has the chance to drastically increase the rankings on different search engines, including Google and Yahoo. One proof that supports this fact is the simple yet successful experiment carried out by Mark Robertson from Reel SEO a few years back. Robertson utilized Tube Mogul and Video Wildfire to disseminate a video within as many video channels and sites as possible with the main objective of ranking for the targeted keyword SEO Sales Training. The tests proved that a seemingly worthless keyword or search term has the potential of dominating video-based search results if it is integrated with video syndication.

However, this is only a tiny piece of the puzzle, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that it outmatches the larger obstacles of greatly competitive video search. However, the experiment supervised by Robertson has indeed made a strong point in the argument for the practice and use of video syndication for the sole purpose of developing your site’s rankings over different search engines. The tools listed below all strive to simplify the responsibilities necessitated to submit videos to different video and social media websites accessible over the internet.

Tube Mogul—As stated earlier, this tool for video syndication is efficient and extremely useful, and has resulted in tremendous gains in popularity and recognition. The tool has been around since 2006, which is quite a long time from an analytic game or video SEO industry’s perspective. This period of time has made Tube Mogul a solidly established service that has underwent a lot of useful configurations and modifications throughout time. One of Tube Mogul’s primary software features, namely the InPlay, has contributed to the success of the tool in its respective market. InPlay is an analytic software product that is potent and amplifies all analytics in which it has an entry to and puts them altogether in a single reporting network.

Another mentioned video syndication tool is Video Wildfire. This infomercial-style website is a useful and low-cost service, thus making it an incredibly popular choice for those who are planning to syndicate their videos. The service appeals usually to individuals instead of brands or organizations, yet the tool can certainly be a valuable behind-the-scenes support for any video marketer, regardless of level or industry.