Generate Website Traffic


Generate website trafficWhen you run your own website, there are many different ways available for you to boost Internet traffic. These methods do not necessarily take a long amount of time to perform, but with just a bit of added effort, you’ll see the number of visitors stopping by your website increase significantly. Without putting in the work it is rather difficult for individuals on the Internet to find your site and even know what it is, let alone want to view it. You need to lure new clients and visitors into the site with a variety of different means and methods. Thankfully, all of these you are able to perform on your own, without the help of a professional. Because you are able to perform this task on your own it is not going to coast you any added money, only the extra time it takes to create the new features on the site.

For starters, always use pictures on the website. The more pictures you have the better (just make sure to not flood the website with too many pictures, otherwise it makes it rather difficult for someone to navigate through the site without stumbling onto the wrong link or becoming confused). When individuals perform a Google search, it isn’t just with text but with pictures and videos. So if you have images on your site that match the keywords they type in, your site is more likely to appear during the image search. Then, when someone clicks on the image listed on the search engine, they are then directed towards your website.

Speaking of keywords, having appropriate keywords on your site is very important in order to drive traffic to the website. The better and more original your keywords the more likely someone is able to find your site out of the millions of other options available on the Internet. Because you are competing with so many other Internet sites, you need to make your keywords stand out. These keywords must be optimized to your site. Make sure the words specifically state what your services are or what the site provides. The more specific the keywords are to your site the more likely someone is able to find your site when performing a Google search. You also need to make sure the keywords appear throughout your site; otherwise the search engine is not going to detect these as keywords. Generally, placing the keywords every 100 words or so should suffice. Don’t place the words throughout heavily, otherwise the search engine is going to see this as stuffing the site, and may actually remove your site from the search engine. This is going to have terrible results and you are going to see that the overall number of visitors you receive actually drops.

Once you improve the overall keywords on your site and add images and videos to the site, you are going to see a large increase in Web traffic on your site over a small period of time.