Manual Vs. Robot Backlinking


Creating a system of backlinks is done to increase search engine placements and to improve your website’s place in order of articles or websites listed on search engine results for online users. There are two ways of creating a Manual Vs. Robot Backlinkingsystem of backlinks. You can do it yourself which is called manual or you can use an automated system. The end result is expected to be dependent on what your objectives are in creating backlinks for your website. There are as many available automated backlink system software available as there are creative users of online manual backlinking methods. There are some objectives that need to be desired by those who choose an automated backlinking software versus a manual backlinking process.

If you want a huge amount of backlinking done, an automated backlinking software will do that so quickly that you won’t need to calculate the time needed from your manual efforts. In choosing an automated software system, you need to consider what objective you have in mind for your website. There are automated backlink services available like Bookmarking Demon or Article Marketing Robot that can create a huge amount of backlinks using directories that are available online.

The end result of choosing automated backlink services depends on what you want to achieve. If you want a huge number of backlinks regardless of the content, automated backlink programs are the answer. If, on the other hand, you want concise or specific backlinks that are directly related to your website or to your visitors interests, you might want to use the manual backlinking methods that can be learned. If you are online to make money and want your marketing to be effective in getting orders as well as clicks, you are interested in the most effective way of doing search engine optimization. Your first decision is to see if you want huge numbers of backlinks or carefully chosen backlinks. There is a consensus of thinking from online SEO professionals that carefully chosen backlinks are more effective for SEO purposes than a huge number of automated generated backlinks.

An informed opinion on which is better for your website, manual or automated backlinking, would be that you should use manual methods of creating a backlink base when first developing your website. You can then add a robot or automated backlinking service to increase the number of visitors to your website. There is really no better or worse in online marketing methods. Your success is your only method of judging if doing it manually is better than buying the automated software that will generate huge numbers of backlinks to your website. If you have a budget that allows for automatic backlinking systems, you can choose one that will bring you the computer targeted traffic that your product or website is planned to sell. If selling is not your objective, you can choose an automated system that will bring you the huge number of clicks that will make your website visible online. Whether you go with an automated backlinking service or not, you can always use the manual methods depending on how your website is set up, technically speaking.