Why is Content so Important for SEO?


Why is Content so Important for SEOContent on the web is integral for search engine optimization. Keywords in website content will send a web search in a certain direction. The goal is to direct these searches to your website. Internet searches are directed to the most pertinent websites or subjects related to the keywords used. These websites or blogs will be posted first. People may miss your website if it is not on the first or second page of web listings. Nobody wants to go through endless web listings to find what they are looking for. Placement of keywords is extremely important along with the keywords used. Search engine optimization only works as well as the keywords inserted. Place keywords in the first paragraph of a webpage or blog. Take, for instance, if you have a commonplace business such as a local dry cleaners, there must be something in the keywords used in the description to make that business stand out.

These listings may or may not lead a client to your website. So, with that in mind, it is important to understand that a person spends about one second or less on a webpage and within one half to one second, they have made up their mind on whether to stay on that site. If they stay, great, you have at least partially accomplished what you have set out to do. If they stay and buy a product or service, you have accomplished your goal. If they “bounce” from that site, chances are slim to none that they will come back.

Search engine optimization brings potential first time buyers or clients to your site and prospective repeat business back to your site. What is it that makes your company unique? What is important to your on-line presence? Appropriate use of keywords will drive business to your site. Test your keywords and see what comes up on the web. Does it lead you to your site quickly? If not, keep trying different keywords until it does. Design your website intelligently and it will work at maximum efficiency for you.

The beauty of the internet is that once you get your website, newsletter, blog or on-line store up and running, the website becomes a self-sustaining system and will continue to run efficiently, as long as the correct audience is directed to your website. Keyword content is the way to achieve your goal of growing a client base or audience. Once a few visitors come to your site and they like it, you can be sure your site will be talked about, which in turn will drive more business to it.

The web has completely changed the way people conduct business. Businesses on the web now run twenty-four hours a day, allowing plenty of opportunity for success as well as failure. Search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO) simply means using words and phrases which will maximize your leads. Time is money and this is entirely true for the web. Millions of dollars are made on the web every day. Shouldn’t some of it be yours?