WebSite Traffic Promotion tips


website traffic promotion tipsLink building is a technique that works when done right and is consider one of the best ways to generate traffic to content. Link building is when a person places their website or blog’s link on another website or blog. When link building is done right, the website has a better chance of showing up on the early pages of search engines. A person should place links on other relevant websites but only on websites with a relatively high page rank. The reason for this is because the link will have more value, if placed on sites with a decent page rank.

Article marketing is another great way to promote a website. Article marketing is when a person writes a few articles and then publish the articles on various websites, such as article directories and other sites that allow people to publish articles. The best way to do article marketing is to write a few short articles relating to content of the website being promoted. A person will want to include a link back to the website that they are promoting. Usually the best place to place the link is at the beginning and/or at the end of the article.

Video marketing is a great way to promote a website, as all it takes is one video to go viral to have a flood of traffic to a website. A person will want to create a video relating to the subject of the site they are wanting to promote. For example, if the site they want traffic to is about fashion, the making a video discussing certain fashion trends or brands make sense. Once the video has been created, they should upload the video to at least 3 or 4 video sharing websites.

Social network sites are very important when it comes to generating traffic to a website. A person should join at least 3 social networking websites, and start building up their network as fast as they can. A person should try to acquire a few thousand contacts per social networking website, as this will be a good foundation to start promoting a website. It is a good idea to send out messages and bulletins promoting a website once a week, as many users get annoyed if they receive to many messages promoting the same stuff. A person can also create profiles that are specifically for their website and include the website’s link somewhere on the profiles.

Bookmarking sites are important when promoting a website. The more content a person submits to bookmarking sites, the more traffic the website will receive. Every time a person writes new content for their website, they should submit the content to at least 5 different bookmarking websites. The bookmarking websites should also have a decent page rank, at least a page rank of 4. Doing this will help generate serious traffic from both the bookmarking sites and from search engines. Search engines seem to give priority to content that is found on sites with a decent page rank.