Driving Traffic To Your Website


driving traffic to your businessThe single most important key to a lucrative website is to be able to drive lots of targeted traffic to it. Without traffic, no products get sold, no ads get clicked, no content gets viewed, and no money gets made. There are a great deal of ways to drive traffic to your site, everything from backlinks, comments on blogs, forum posts, Google searches, and providing fresh and unique content.

Fresh content is first and foremost what will bring traffic to your site. Whenever you post new content to your site or blog, the page will be indexed by Google when their robot crawls your page, resulting in one additional page that can be displayed in search engines to get someone to click on your site. Updating the site with fresh content and keeping the reader engaged will also promote previous visitors to return to your site to see what updates have been made since their last visit.

New and exciting content can hold readers on your site and occasionally drive new ones, but that is just a starting point. Next you will need search engine optimization (referred to as SEO from this point on). SEO is a major point of how Google and other search engines view your site. Some ways you can improve your SEO is by choosing a concise and keyword-heavy domain name such as iphonesales.com. Your domain name should be recognizable, short, and contain keywords relevant to your site. Along with picking a good domain name, posting keyword rich content and proper site descriptions will increase your site’s SEO, thereby increasing your pagerank within search engines to help drive more traffic.

A final way to promote your site and drive traffic to it is to create your own backlinks by posting on blogs, sending tweets about new and exciting content on your site, and interacting on forums. Be sure to add something to the conversation when posting on a blog or forum, and to not just spam your site link. Say something constructive or controversial, and leave the url to your site either at the bottom of the post or in your forum signature. If you can spark someone’s interest by what you wrote, there is a likely chance they will then click the link you left and check out your site. These links also will mildly improve your SEO because the quality of the sites with inbound links to your sites will further move your site up the search engines.

The most important thing to remember when trying to get traffic to your site is, it’s not an overnight process. Getting consistent and targeted traffic takes some work and needs to build up over time. The more active you are at promoting your site, the faster you can begin to see those results. More active participation in forums and blogs within your chosen niche will provide you not only with better targeted traffic but also with more traffic in a shorter amount of time.